Natural Ways to Treat Gout

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As we know that gout is a type of disease that is generally felt people, it is characterized by the presence of symptoms such as pain in the joints of the fingers, knees, toes and wrists. Of course you do not have aspirations to be accompanied by this disease, because it can damage the disruption caused concentration to move.

Many ways in which people with the disease in order to cure such terafi, medical and uses natural ingredients. Of the three ways above, the appropriate effective measures is to use natural ingredients, in addition to cheap, fun gag, the material is obtained. The following information:
Treat Gout
1. Water
For the umpteenth time this article show the white water as the main ingredient for the prevention and remedy against various diseases, this can not be avoided. The body requires fluid intake, if the intake of fluids in the body are not met, then it will cause uric acid crystals that cause pain. Therefore, the consumption of water at least 8-10 glasses / day, if you do it regularly every day, you will be protected from gout. The main function of water is to improve and expedite the kidneys whose job is to dispose of uric acid produced by purine substances.

2. Consumption of Honey Vinegar
Vinegar Honey is a material made from honey. Generally vinegar honey has been packed in a place that is often called by the name of propolis. Consuming honey vinegar regularly aims to provide a base level of the body that serves to neutralize the acidity of our body. In addition, honey vinegar will facilitate gunjal function to remove uric acid and destroy the crystals of uric acid in the body. You can obtain propolis at nearby stores with quality and affordable prices.

3. Reduce the type of foods high in purine substance of his
Minimize the types of foods high purinnya substances such as organ meats, seafood, meat extracts (shredded, dried meat) and canned foods.

4. Consumption of foods containing Type Bases
Consuming foods that contain alkaline substances are effective measures to prevent the occurrence of gout, foods that contain alkaline substances can be achieved, such as fruits, fresh vegetables and whole grains, low-fat. These foods befungsi to neutralize the acid that the body and blood and urine will help the kidneys remove uric acid in the body.

5. Lemon juice and vitamin C
Lemon juice is also effective as a natural way to treat gout, it is because the lemon juice serves to stimulate the body to form and produce calcium kabonat who worked as a neutralizing uric acid. In addition to the lemon juice, you can also consume ingredients that are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C works to reduce uric acid levels in the body so it will not be excessive uric acid.

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