Quick Writing

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Quick Writing
Writing is an activity pouring our ideas and our thoughts into written form. According to one study, every day people talk talk out tens of thousands of words. If written in a book, can produce a single book. Indonesian national culture still enjoys talking talk than write. Though it is very easy to write and can make money. Rather than talk Ngalor ngidul (language in java), better write it in a post.

One very easy way to write it is write like you talk to your friend. We just carry on a conversation in writing so that it could be a book. One of the reasons many people do not write because writing feel ugly and useless for others. The error needs to be corrected. Writing is an activity expressing ideas and thoughts in a personal and free. You are free to express opinion or thoughts or ideas that you want. People want to agree or not is up to them.

The function of an article is to move the reader to do as expected writer voluntarily and willingly. This is because writing with clear arguments and propositions. Write quickly takes everyone. To be able to write quickly, is Write with fast flowing water bath, computer button button quickly to assemble verbatim. Keep writing, do not stop. Ignore errors of grammar or EYD because it can be fixed when the writing is completed.

In addition, fast write secret trick is to block all the words in MS Word. Then change the color to white. Then you start writing. You do not know how the word or phrase that has been written. How many paragraphs that have been written. You too lazy to edit the article. Keep writing. After stopping deemed completed to meet the target article by looking at word count, you can check your writing to change it back to black.

New idea suddenly and quickly disappear. Then try to write the corresponding original initial idea to completion. In addition, making the title of the book is very important to attract readers. To obtain an appropriate title can be learned from the best-seller list of books on display in magazines and newspapers. If they are portrayed, like the title of the ad for the book. Make the titles that can suck the reader's attention and give a good impression to consumers.

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