The Beauty of the Black Rose~Halfeti

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Halfeti rose is a rose that is very rare. They are shaped like regular rose, but the color is what distinguishes them. These roses are so black, so as to make the new saw would think that the roses have been in spray paint. But black was actually their natural color.

Although they seemed perfectly black, they initially dark red. These flowers are seasonal they only grow during the summer in small quantities, and only in the small village of Halfeti, Turkey. Thanks to the unique soil conditions in the region, and the pH level of groundwater (which oozes from the Euphrates), the roses are then 'berona evil'. They are deep red blooms during spring and fade to black during the summer months.

Black Rose~Halfeti

Local residents seem to enjoy a love-hate relationship with this rare flower. They consider this flower as a symbol of mystery, hope and passion, but also death and bad news. Unfortunately, black roses Halfeti an endangered species. These roses have been under threat of extinction since the villagers moved from the 'old Halfeti' (Old Halfeti) in the 1990s, when the Birecik dam was built. Old Halfeti and several other villages submerged under the waters of the Euphrates, when the dam was made. Halfeti village rebuilt in the village land Karaotlak were located 10 kilometers from the old halfeti.

Distance 10 miles this proved fatal for a beautiful black rose. The villagers returned to plant new gardens them with the seeds of black roses, but this interest does not adapt to their new environment very well. There was a significant decrease in the number of black roses that grow in the region.

Local governments have made efforts to save this black roses. They collect the seeds of black roses and planted them in a place that is closer to their original environment in the greenhouse. And since that time, black roses saved.

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