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Writing is an activity that can not be separated from human life since ancient to the present, as well as for a blogger, especially if the blogger really want to be a true blogger who has always dedicated his work through the blog management. However, not all posts give satisfaction to visitors, it is because there are many posts that served with the order and the delivery of bad, so visitors did not like it.

Writing is not just carve what we know and then leave it alone, if so then your writing can be categorized as an article that has no direction, purpose and structure of which is not in accordance with the general kaedah. Therefore, for those of you who want his beloved visitors and search engines, should follow the tips I will explain the following:


1. Title Clear
The title is the main part that you need to specify, because the title is a big picture of your writing later. Make visitors and search engines love your writing is a major step to achieve the desired target.

Therefore, specify in advance the exact title and clear so that visitors and search engines know which direction and purpose of the article. To make a clear title can you do with analyzing whether the title can be understood or not, as an example in the title: How to Eliminate Acne. This title is very clear and easy to understand, both in terms of theme, content and purpose.

2. Relevant Content
When you've managed to make a title that is clear and easy to understand, then the next step is content by title. Never once in a while you make a title that does not match the content, it will be bad for the development of your posts which will make visitors run and no longer want to read the article.

For example, the title of the Most Loved Posts visitors, certainly of this title you have to express any article that can make visitors love it, do not be no discussion about health especially on businesses that did not describe the intent and purpose of the title.

3. No Copas, Yes Quotes
For students/learners are not necessarily familiar with the quote. Quote is an activity that must be done when the students make paper. However, to quote apparently has certain requirements that must be met. Likewise with blog posts. Whoever the person would be annoyed if his diplagiat, especially plagiarism is done brutally and thoroughly.

No Copas-Yes Quotes, are two separate things. You can quote, but not to Copas. Quotes can do by taking some writings of others, then give khsusus sign that leads to the original source, such as the example "This blog is a collection of information for students (Quoted from: Do not forget to give a link which leads to the blog. For what the quote quote?, it is a supporter of your writing that aims to strengthen the explanation and accuracy of the information presented.

4. Structure Papers
Indeed there is a difference between a paper with the article, but make blog posts will be more accurate and attractive when combined with a system of writing paper. Writing Scientific articles spring you should not write like writing papers, but the description of the contents of your articles can you please tell structured as Scientific writing that begins with the Introduction, Purpose, Discussion, Conclusion and References (if necessary).

5. First Information for Visitors
Let us know in advance and insert some marks such as quotation marks, underlining, bold, italics or other general overview of your article, it will be easier for visitors to understand the overall purpose of your writing. For example: Natural Ways to Make Red Lips Lipstick is an article without aiming for "health and beauty of your lips".

6. The explanation is easy to understand
This is the last point you should do. Write down your work with a dish that is light, simple and easy to understand content, so your writing will always be loved and sweet memories for readers.

You have to distinguish the writing, because writing forms and explanations can vary according to the context and theme. There is a form of poetry writing, Scientific works, aphorisms, poems, and so forth. By differentiating the text, then visitors will understand the meaning and purpose of explanation to convey.

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