White Lion~King of the Forest

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White lion is one of the animals once the king of the jungle that is almost extinct. It is white because by rare mutations that occur in the Kruger Lion (Panthera Leo Krugeri), not by disease albino like most other animals. Existence of white lions have been found in 1938 in Timbavati, South Africa. But only gained public attention in 1970 after Chris McBride wrote in his book, entitled The White Lions of Timbawati.

White Lion

White Lion

White Lion

Hard white lion camouflaged in the wild, because of the color of his skin white, so the King of the Jungle is difficult to find prey. In its natural habitat (Timbavati), there are only 7 White lions that live there. Existence is increasingly threatened by poaching is often done irresponsible elements.

Rare white lion because of the color of his skin, fortunately with the presence of the Global White Lion Protection Trust, with a focus on saving these endangered carnivores, are expected to solve problems that are difficult to overcome.

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