10 Benefits Leaves of Dewa for Health

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Dewa leaves is a plant that has the scientific name and the Gynura Divaricata china Samsit call it by name. Leaves that have unique characteristics that can be planted in your home though should the proper treatment. However, the leaves deities including plants are easily grown.

Plant this one is arguably already quite famous for the medical world. God leaves for health benefits and has been used as a medicine, it is no wonder if the gods leaves quite well known in the community. In Java, the leaves deities known as Connect Nyowo due to the efficacy of the gods leaves. Although in some areas have different names, but the manufacture and use of leaf herb god is almost the same as herbal medicine.

In the god leaves contained various nutrients that are essential for human health. Nutrients include saponins, flavonoids, essential oils and anticoagulants. Nutrition is able to provide good benefits for the health and balance of the body, according to wikipedia quote. Naturally, if the leaves god has a myriad of benefits for human health. Here is a full review properties god leaf.

Leaves of Dewa

1. Relieves pain
With flavonoids in it, leaves god help you relieve the pain you experienced (as analgesics). Flavonoids have a function as a natural analgesic reducing pain in your body. For the relief of pain, dry your god then leaves you as a god leaves brewed herbal tea.

2. Anti-inflammatory
God leaves can also be used as an anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory). Inflammation is the body's reaction as a result of infection and irritation in your body. Basically, it is in because adana flavonoids and saponins are able to cope with inflammatory diseases such as bronchitis, appendicitis, sore throat due to colds and flu, scratches / cuts in the skin, heavy activity, and because of the blow.

3. Smooth blood circulation
God leaves have efficacy for blood circulation. This is because the leaves contain essential oils gods in. Essential oils are useful to stimulate and promote blood circulation in the body.

4. Lowering high blood pressure
Essential oils in the leaves of the gods is also used as a medicine to lower high blood pressure. Essential oils in your blood circulation so that the blood pressure will remain stable.

5. Treating bruises
You can leaves of Dewa to treat bruises you get. It has been described above that the flavonoids in leaves of god is anti-inflammatory. The trick is to finely grind dau god and apply on your bruises.

6. Stop the bleeding
God leaves into herbal medicine to stop the bleeding because the leaves contain saponins and flavonoids gods. You do this by boiling 15 g of leaves of the gods with 3 cups of water until the water remaining half. Drink this mixture three times a day.

7. Peluruh urine
With the content contained in the leaves of the gods, god leaf has the effect farmatologis to shed your urine. The trick can be consumed directly as fresh vegetables leaves of the gods, or by consuming a potion made from the leaves of the gods.

8. Lowering the heat
If your body heat, this could be due to the body detects an error in your body. Body heat caused by inflammation due to inflammation itself is the body's reaction to the disruption that attack your body. With saponins and flavonoids, god leaves are used to reduce the heat of your body.

9. Treating diabetes
Efficacy god leaves as medicine diabetes or diabetes mellitus. This has been proven through research to the water extract of leaves Connect Lives. From these studies, it is evident if the leaves of the gods can help improve glucose uptake by muscle thus lowering glucose levels in the body.

10. Antioxidants body
God has a compound leaf tannin in it. Tannins act as anti-oxidants and anti-bacteria causing leaf god capable of being used as a cleanser of toxins in the body.

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