6 Health Benefits Flowers of Turi

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Flowers turi or Sesbania Grandiflora is classified into the type of flowers the family Papilionaceae. These types of flowers are often used as an ornamental plant often found houses. One uses interest turi is as home decoration, flower turi benefits can also be used as a traditional medicine that is capable various diseases, and usability turi interest to health equally with flower, rosella flower, jasmine, frangipani, papaya flower, roses, and hibiscus which I've discussed in previous articles.

Turi flowers contain various compounds. In such leaves, flowers leaves this saponin compounds and tannins. In addition to the two compounds, petal Turi also contain glycosides and peroxidase compounds as well as vitamin A and vitamin B are efficacious to dilute blood clot. Efficacy turi interest not only dilute the blood clot, leaves flowers Turi who have a variety of compounds also work in relieving pain and also serves as a laxative urine.

Flowers of Turi

In the flower stem bark contains tannin and egatin turi and other compounds are efficacious as painkillers or. Benefits turi another flower stems that can be used as a febrifuge or anti-pyretic and used as laxatives, stimulants vomiting, and is used as a tonic. While interest turi itself contains calcium, iron and sugars as well as vitamin A and vitamin B which serves as a skin softener and laxative. As we quoted from, below are some explanations about the health benefits turi flowers. Here 6 Benefits of Flowers Turi For Health is:

1. Treating thrush
Turi flowers can be used as a cure thrush. These benefits can be obtained by wringing bark turi flowers that have been washed into the water. Then use water remasa the Turi flower stems to rinse. These benefits can also be obtained by drinking boiled water from the stem bark of turi flowers.

2. Drug sore throat
Besides being used as a cure thrush, another benefit of turi flowers that can be used as a pain reliever throat. By way of rinsing using squeeze a handful of leaves Turi who had crumpled in boiled water. Gargle with water squeeze turi leaves up to the throat so sore throat suffered soon subside.

3. Relieves sore throat
To relieve sore throat using turi flowers can be done by rinsing with water decoction of the leaves of red turi. The steps that must be taken of the boil a handful of leaves of red turi flowers in the water to a boil. After boiling, allow it to cool down and then strain and drink as much as four times in one day.

4. Treat dysentery
Turi interest also useful for treating dysentery. The trick is to boil the bark of turi flowers (flowers are colored red) in two cups of water to boil da remaining half. After the cooking water cools, strain and drink the potion twice a day.

5. Overcoming nails swollen
If you stumble, fall, or hit and make your fingernails swollen, you can use turi flowers as medicine. The trick is Turi flower leaves that have been washed clean. Then place turi petals above part diseased nails. Do this as much as two to three times in one day. This will make the existing frozen blood under the nail disappear and make the pain is reduced.

6. Treat vaginal discharge
The women often experience vaginal discharge. Turi flowers can also be used as a drug that is by grinding a handful of white turi leaves along with turmeric which is the size of a thumb. Then add 3/4 of boiled water into. Mix well then strain and drink the potion twice a day.

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