6 Type of Food that Helps Skin Tightening

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Often people just focus on doing skin care with a wide range of beauty products. Though beautiful skin, toned and healthy skin is not only influenced by the use of cosmetics. But is also influenced by a variety of food sources of nutrients needed by the skin. Necessary nutrients including collagen ang skin will make your skin taut. Later that collagen can still produced the required vitamin C. In addition, a variety of nutrients needed to prevent free radicals such as lycopene, lutein and islofavon. Here are 6 Type Food Helps tighten skin through the fulfillment of the nutrients needed by the skin, among others:

6 Type of Food that Helps Skin Tightening

1. Tomato Fruit. The fruit is known to be very good for skin health and beauty. Tomatoes are often used as a skin care from the outside for example be used as a mask. Eating tomatoes and tomato paste to help meet the needs of the body lycopene. Lycopene itself is a substance that can protect the skin from damage caused by sunlight.

2. Fruit Papaya. Fruit is very easily found with a relatively affordable price. The content of vitamin C in fruit is very high. Quite requirement of vitamin C will be able to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the skin because it can damage DNA can even cause cancer.

3. Pineapple. Fruit with a sour taste, sweet and fresh and is often used as a mixture of pickled sometimes used as a mixed salad or Lotis. Have a lot of vitamin C. It also contains a compound that helps reduce pain in the skin caused by sunburn. The compound is bromelain.

4. Fruit Berry. Both pieces of strawberry and blueberry, which both have a high content of vitamin C. They help prevent wrinkles, dry skin, smoothes the skin and helps counteract the free radicals which are often the cause of skin wrinkles.

5. Corn. Corn is one source of carbohydrate. It also contains lutein, which is one type of carotenoid that makes your skin protected from the effects of UV rays.

6. Know. Types of foods made from soy. Having a lot of isoflavone content that collagen. Thus preventing skin wrinkling in addition was also more delicate skin.

How? The types of foods that include easy is not it? The price is relatively affordable. You do not need to hesitate to enter 6 Type Food Helps the Skin Tightening in variants daily diet so that the whole family can still feel the benefits. Moreover, providing nutrients to the skin is not only for women but also for men of all ages. After all, various types of food are also a source of nutrients that the body needs. Start of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and so on. So if you want to have a healthy skin then do not just perform maintenance from the outside only. But also from the inside so that the nutrients were fulfilled.

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