7 Benefits of Chocolate for Health

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Chocolate is a favorite food of children. Sweet taste makes everyone can enjoy it and can be addictive. Because of its sweet, not just kids who love it, but adults as well. The sweetness of the chocolate will cause us easy to snack. And desire is not very good snack because it can lead to obesity. In addition, eating too much chocolate will produce a layer of dirt on the teeth. This layer will damage the enamel.

Now a lot of processed foods derived and combined with chocolate candy flavors such as chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate banana, cocoa powder, milk chocolate, chocolate bars, and so forth. On the day of love, the young people often make chocolate as a gift or a gift for his girlfriend.

Besides the taste is sweet and tasty, chocolate has many properties that are beneficial to health. Then, most importantly, chocolate can also bring us to love because substances in chocolate. Here are seven secrets of chocolate for health, among others:

1. Chocolate contains antioxidant phenols which can make longevity. Additionally, chocolate is also capable of inhibiting the oxidation of bad cholesterol and boost immune function.

2. Chocolate can improve the feeling of someone who was lazy, bored into a pleasant feeling. This is because the chocolate contains phenyl ethylamine which can bring a sense of excitement as people who fall in love. Cassanova, a ladies' man who is very good at conquering the hearts of women always eat chocolate before doing the action. He said, by eating chocolate he could transmit a sense of excitement to the woman and instantly made her fall for him

3. There is no strong evidence that chocolate can cause acne, plaque on teeth and obesity. Anyway, consumed natural origin, chocolate certainly give effect to the good for our bodies. The most time consuming chocolate good 2-3 times a week and every day to milk chocolate. Chocolate can be a favorite gift for the couple. Chocolate is believed to be one of the top food. Hence the Latin name Theobroma cacao aka food of the Gods.

4. Research at Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland and Heinrich Heine University in Germany found levels of the chemical in chocolate that name flavonoids, a natural supplement that is useful to cope with diarrhea.

5. Research at the University of Northumbria, Newcastle United find the conclusion that chocolate is very useful to improve our thinking

6. Chocolate contains a substance that is capable of doing its job procyanidin as an effective free radical catcher

7. Chocolate contains Theo bromine and caffeine which can keep us awake in the long term. So, if drowsiness attack us when the task is still a lot of school or work, no one when we eat chocolate, will certainly arise spirit again.

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