A White Car as a Trend That Continued Global

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Has some folks dream of a car that still haven't been able to afford it, the fair alone if the car is a vehicle with a high enough level of desire at the moment. Aside from being a tool of the vehicle, the car also included vehicles that become the current trend, as both facilities and collections.

Car design which features advanced technology has been growing rapidly at this time, both the exterior and interior design. Beautiful and interesting modifications coupled with increasingly features add to the appeal of user interest to own the vehicle.

As reported by the Daily, the trend colour white has become a worldwide trend. According to the data of Annual Automotive Color Popularity 2014, belonging which is the origin of the United States global paint supplier PPG Industries has said that a white car still tops the most popular and continues to grow from the previous year.

White Car
Extensively around the world, white colour that dominates the user an option to 28 percent and up from 2013. In contrast to the black color which should be surrendered to world number 18 percent as well as grey and silver that should persist at position 13 percent.

This fact is cited based on statistics obtained from car production all over the world for the year 2014. PPG also add information about the color gray is significant, it will be left with proven down to up to 7 percent interest since two years. From the same data source, specifically for the Asia Pacific's popularity reached 31 percent white, 20 percent black, and 12 percent silver.

Jane E say that car manufacturers around the world continue to look for new ways to create and design a unique look at the models and corporate image. Color selection is done in two or three years earlier on the model, thus it is very important to create a factory for making design unique and exciting colors that can make trends consumers satisfied. (Jane e. Harrington, PPG manager, color styling, automotive OEM (original equipment manufacturer) coatings.)

The main reason why the car is white in a trend that many selected consumer caused that most buyers don't want bright colors on their cars, moreover, there is an assumption that argued that the color white has more taste and will not miss from time to time.

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