Asperger Syndrome

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Asperger Syndrome is a developmental disorder that makes the sufferer is very difficult to interact with others. Your child may find it difficult to make friends because they feel awkward. People with Asperger syndrome have some characteristics of autism. For example, they may have poor social skills, more like routine, and do not like change. But unlike children with autism, children with Asperger syndrome usually start talking before the age of 2 years, the age at which children begin to develop the ability to speak.

Asperger Syndrome

Asperger syndrome is a lifelong condition, but the symptoms tend to improve over time. Adults with this condition can learn to understand their own strengths and weaknesses. And they can improve their social skills. Asperger's syndrome and autism are included in the group of disorders called pervasive developmental disorders (pervasive developmental disorders).

The exact cause of Asperger syndrome is unknown, and not known how to prevent it. Sindom Asperger's tend to run in families. Therefore, researchers conducted a study to find genetic causes. Asperger syndrome is more common in men than women. Asperger syndrome is usually seen at the age of 3 years or more. Symptoms vary, so there is not the same symptoms from one child to another. Children with Asperger's:
  • Very difficult to relate to others. This does not mean that they avoid social contact. However, they have less instincts and skills to help them express their thoughts and feelings and realize the feelings of others.
  • Might be disturbed by loud noise, light, or strong flavor or texture.
  • Liked the fixed routine. Change is a difficult thing for them.
  • May not recognize verbal and nonverbal cues or understand social norms. For example, they might stare at someone else, do not make eye contact, or do not know what is the meaning of one's personal space.
  • May have the ability to speak a flat and hard to understand because of the lack of tone, intonation, and accent. Or they may have developed formal speaking style for children their age.
  • Perhaps the lack of coordination; have a facial expression or posture or gesture that is not unusual; or rather awkward.
  • Might have bad handwriting or have problems with motor skills, such as riding a bike.
  • May have only one or a few interests, or they may just focus on a few things. For example, they might show interest in excess of the snake or the name of a star or can draw very detailed.
If you are concerned about the behavior or communication style of your child, you should consult with your pediatrician. The doctor will ask about your child's development and also ask if anyone else aware of your child's social problems. The doctor may refer you to a specialist to confirm or rule out Asperger syndrome. Specialist doctor can test your child's learning style, speech and language, IQ, social and motor skills, and much more.

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