Biography of Anna Pavlovna Pavlova

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  • Full Name: Anna Pavlovna Pavlova
  • Profession: Ballet Dancer
  • Place Of Birth: Ligovo, Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire
  • Birth date: Saturday, February 12, 1881
  • Zodiac: Aquarius
  • Nationality: Russia
Anna Pavlovna Pavlova
Anna Pavlovna Pavlova Anna Pavlona or was a ballerina Russia very famous in his time. He was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1881 from families with a single parent. He was raised by his mother, Lyubov Feodorovna who worked as a washerwoman. The identity of her biological father to this day remains a secret. At the age of three years old, his mother married to a man named Matvey Pavlov and made the name of her stepfather as her last name.

In 1891 he studied at the school of the Imperial School of Ballet at the Mariinsky Theatre and in 1899 he joined the Ballet School. In 1906 he became a ballerina man and three years later he went to Paris for a tour of the historic, Ballet Russes. Following the European tour to Riga, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, and PrahaSetelah it, he danced in the company's own worldwide in 1913.

He became a missionary for his art, and introduce ballet to the number of people who pretty much, which is dilatihnya so that it becomes a great ballet dancer with a quality movements. Its independent tours starting in 1914 which was a tour run by Victor Dandre, i.e., husband of Pavlona. He is also very interested in traditional dances. This brought him his fascination with doing some traditional dances in her in Poland, Russia, and Mexico.

His personal life is always full of surprises and dramatic. Her marriage with her husband, Victor Dandre, that is her manager, kept secret from the media. This marriage without producing any offspring. He lived only by dedicating to dancer and orphanages for displaced Russia she founded in Paris in 1920. So did the populer proclamation of the with the Mordkin. Ballerina is also very loving animals, especially poultry. This causes the Ivy House, his home in Hampstead, London became known for the decoration of a lake and goose are then entered in the making of the film the dying swan in 1905.

Three weeks before the 50th birthday, she had to undergo surgery of pneumonia but he refused, and eventually died of Pleurisy. He died holding a costume in the dying swan. His death at a hotel in the Hague, Hotel Des Indes. His body in the cremation later in 2001 the rest of cremation would like to move to Russia and was buried on 14 March 2001.

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