Biography of Octavio Paz Lozano

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Full Name      : Octavio Paz Lozano
Religion          : Christian
Place of Birth : Octavio Paz Lozano
Date of Birth  : Tuesday, March 31, 1914
Zodiac           : Aries
Nationality     : Mexico

Octavio Paz Lozano
Octavio Paz Lozano was born to Octavio Paz Lozano Solorzano and Josefina. His father was an active political journalist who joined the rebel Emiliano Zapata. He grew up with a strong influence of his grandfather who was a prominent writer who frequently writes novels with the theme of American Indian tribes. Of the works and a collection of books that kakenya Paz began to recognize the literary world. He and his family once banished to the United States by Emiliano Diaz government for political activities undertaken family.

Paz started writing at a very young age. In 1937, he was invited to Valencia, Spain, to participate in the Second International Congress of Anti-Fascist Writers. After returning to Mexico in 1938, he participated in founding the journal Taller, a magazine that marked the emergence of a new generation of young writers in Mexico.

In 1943, he obtained a scholarship Guggenheim Fellowship and decided to study in the United States. Two years in the United States, he became Diplomat Mexico and shipped to France. This is where he began to write books that tell about the life of the people of Mexico.

In 1962, Paz was appointed Mexican ambassador to India. This is a moment in his life. Then, in 1968, he resigned from the diplomatic service in protest against the government's treatment to students who lead a bloody tragedy in Tlatelolco during the Olympic Games in Mexico. Since then, Paz focused on studying his work as editor and publisher. He later founded two publishing a magazine dedicated to art and politics is Plural (1971-1976) and Vuelta published later in 1976.

In 1980, he later received honorary doctorates from Harvard University. After the title, he was awarded the Cervantes in a row, the most important award for the Spanish-speaking world leaders, in 1981 and also Neustadt Prize in 1982.

-University of California at Berkeley


-Nobel Prize in Literature (1990)
-Neustadt Prize (1982)
-Cervantes Award (1981)
-Honorary Doctorate from Harvard University (1980)

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