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Diabetes a disease that much feared by the community at the moment, this happens because the disease was attacking anyone and don't know the age. What if someone had diabetes or diabetes due to hereditary factors. This has been known to the public when the offspring's risk of diabetes are more likely to have diabetes.

Before you go on the symptoms of the disease of diabetes, first author will explain about the origin of this diabetes. So, diabetes is a disease caused by excess sugar levels in the blood and interferes with the body's metabolism system resulting in pancreas can not produce the hormone insulin based on the needs of the body. Glucose becomes glucose becomes very important because one source of energy for the body especially the muscles and tissues to provide energy intact while doing the activity. An excessive amount of glucose in the body thus could create disruptions in human metabolism system. So for those who have excess levels suffer from diabetes. True is that the urine of a diabetic who suffers from contain large amounts of sugar.

The danger of him again is diabetes not only attack an adult human, but also attacking those who are still aged children. Therefore it is expected that You diligently checked the child to the doctor if one of you or Your family are descendants of people with diabetes. Then what are the common symptoms commonly felt by sufferers of diabetes? Here are his.

Symptoms of diabetes
The first symptoms of people with diabetes is the frequency of urinating urinary lebh often than ever before. So in the not-long-usually people will more often go to the bathroom to urinate. Next is to feel thirsty and hungry within the near future. For some reason this just happens in diabetics. Many have the desire to drink and eat.

The most visible symptoms of patients with diabetes are excess drowsiness. For diabetics usually feel drowsiness is amazing, not like those days where they do not yet have an excess of glucose in the blood. So people with diabetes more often sleep. It is also due to a sense of perceived weakness in the body to always rest and lazy doing that a bit of weight.

For information only that diabetes has several levels, ranging from relatively mild to diabetes on glucose with diabetes who very much. Such as diabetes mellitus, diabetes diabetic phase 1 and phase 2. Where in each level of diabetes have different symptoms and different effects for the sufferer.

For diabetes mellitus diabetes is a type of light that made possible the sufferer is not experiencing some of the symptoms above, because basically that pertained at this stage of diabetes, blood sugar levels in the blood are not too much, just that it is beyond the limits of normal and it would be better if you immediately do the treatment to help insulin work normal again.

As for the diabetic stage 1 usually strikes those who are still children. The main factors of the occurrence of diabetes stage 1 is due to genetic factors. The traits that could be indicated the presence of diabetes in your child's stage 1 are those more frequently urinating urination and thirst. After that they will be more frequent fatigue and have a low weight. Feeling tired of the distractions of glucose is not able to transform into energy and thus mixed with blood that results in diabetes.

While diabetes stage 2 have some symptoms such as a tingling in the feet and the frequency was quite often, then low weight as well as in case of wet wounds will be difficult to dry. So in essence the excess glucose in the blood makes insulin incapable of producing the hormones that your body needs, your blood sugar is not a form of energy for the body but rather mixes with the blood that causes the pancreas secrete the hormone insulin is difficult and in the end the poisoned blood and sugar causes diabetes.

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