How to take care of Hair Loss

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Hair Loss
How to take care of Hair Loss~Actually if you are experiencing hair loss, this incident is very common or very common saying. Because hair also has a life cycle in which the old hair will fall out and the young will grow faster. Normally the amount of hair on a woman is 90000 hair. If the loss suffered more than 90 hairs in a month then your hair is in need of treatment to be healthy. Ways or tips on caring for your hair naturally.

The hair loss can be identical with the illness, disease in the suffering person can experience hair loss problems. Here are tips and how to treat hair loss is that you can try at home and good luck and happy reading and try it out How to take care of Hair Loss.

1. Olive Oil
Olive oil can not be denied because of ancient times to the present olive oil is as a tool for hair care, from the young to the elderly from generation to generation olive oil is still so much orangg confidence. Perform a gradual and orderly manner. The way you can use olive oil and pour it on your hands and apply on your scalp so strong healthy hair and sparkling.

2. Celery leaves
Celery is not only for your mother or girlfriend cook to cook. But behind it all leaves of celery is now believed to reduce hair loss. Celery leaves can also refresh the scalp and makes hair grow healthier. was also very easy way is to take 8 to 10 then puree of celery celery until really smooth, then wash it with celery leaves smoothed before you head massage up to 15 minutes. There is also a good idea to wrap your hair with a towel and then wait up to 17 minutes and then rinse your hair with clean water. Do not forget to use a shampoo when washing your hair from celery.

3. Cold water
You do not often frequent shampooing with warm water. because the warm water it was not friends with your hair. Should start from now try to always wash and rinse your hair with cold water, then allowed to dry your hair naturally.

4. Aloe vera
Take aloe vera around your home and cut, and than aloe vera skin of this waste, then apply aloe vera meat along with the water contained in aloe vera. and do not forget to flatten it on your scalp and then let stand for half an hour doing this way 2 times a week then your hair will not fall out again.

5. Drinking milk
Milk is a rich source of calcium and protein to help maintain your hair from the inside. There are many types of foods that contain lots of foods such as milk rich in calcium and protein such as soy milk cheese out eggs fertile and others.

^^ That's some ways and tips on natural ingredients for treating hair loss do regularly every day way above in order to get a good result and maximal.

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