Kidney Disease~Symptoms, Signs, and Facts

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There are various types of kidney disease that usually we find around us. Among them are Kidney albuminuria or can't perform filtering, kidney stones, diabetes mellitus or usually we call with diabetes, diabetes insipidus which lack anti diuretic hormone, nephritis, kidney infection, kidney failure, polycystic kidney, cysts on the reflux, acidosis, and others.But from those types of kidney disease above, there are 2 types of kidney disease a very familiar around the us that diseases of the kidney stones and kidney failure.

Kidney stone disease
Kidney stone disease occurs due to excessive substance deposits along the urinary tract and the kidneys eventually getting big and hard like a rock-shaped so as inhibit the discharge of urine.

Disease symptoms kidney stones
Pain in the back and rib bone and extends to the waist, stomach, sex, as well as on the inner thighs. The symptoms started cramping which then progressed to a very severe pain. This pain bida going on for hours, giving rise to a very uncomfortable feeling.

Arise the nausea, fever, body chills, and fever. At first you will feel nauseous and want to regurgitate what's your diperut. then your body feels chills. This is certainly can trigger you are having fever.

Reasonable in frequency urination are uncertain. When you're used to small water waste of money is not completely will cause you to urinate more often or you often feel like to urinate but when it comes to bathroom turns out you can't pee.

Difficulty urinating as well as the changes that occur in the urine. Pain in the lower part of the stomach or upper part of gender when you pee your cause difficult urination. Check with your doctor immediately if you experience any difficulty in urination. Sometimes urine that you eject is murky and it will be more intense.

Blood in your urine out. When you experience this condition means kidney stones hurt the urinary tract to bleed. This condition describes that kidney stones you have suffered very severe

Diseases of the renal failure
Diseases of the kidney failure is a function of his kidney disease has decreased or the kidneys are not functioning at all. Kidney failure itself is divided into 2 IE acute kidney failure that happens quickly or suddenly, and chronic renal failure that occurred in a long period of time and have serious effects in the long term.

Symptoms of chronic kidney failure

1. swelling
When the proper functioning of the kidneys to remove waste and excess fluid in the body is broken, so that place on your body will store too much water will cause swelling in the legs, feet, and ankles.

2. a sense of extreme fatigue or shortness of breath
The work of the kidneys produce a hormone that helps the formation of red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the body. When the kidneys are not able to work perfect cause oxygen in the body decreases causing a sense of weary and weak, lack of oxygen will also cause shortness of breath.

3. Pale face or anemia
In the event of damage to the kidneys, then the oxygen carried to the brain is reduced and your cause dizziness or loss of concentration.

4. skin disorders or itching
Should toxins dumped through the kidneys accumulate in the body resulting in itchiness occurred.

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