Kombucha for Health and Beauty

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Kombucha mushroom type is one of the famous tea since the 20th century that originated from East Asia and then spread to Germany. benefits of kombucha mushrooms is to cure various kinds of diseases. Mushroom kombucha is flourishing in the East Asian region. Kombucha mushroom shaped like a flat disc. The substances contained in it is gelatinoid. Kombucha mushroom grows on the surface of the tea so it would seem there is a disc that will thicken on the surface of the tea. When this fungus is constantly maintained, then the mushroom kombucha will flourish and will reproduce more.

Kombucha tea or we call with kombucha tea is one of the traditional tea beverage products times first. This tea is a fermented tea and sugar solution using microbial kombucha starter. The time required for fermentation range between 8-12 days. The benefits of kombucha mushroom as a herbal beverage known as tempo from East Asia. Although drink kombucha tea first, tempo is believed to have the benefits of curing a range of diseases. This traditional herb is no doubt improved.

On the process of tea, kombucha fermentation will experience a range of reaction, because the tea will absorb sugar and replace it with glukuronat acid, lactic acid, vitamins, amino acids, antibiotics, substances and substances that are beneficial in others. Not wrong if everyone mentions tea with little mention of the biochemical factory.Compounds contained in tea kombucha is a very beneficial for our body.

Benefits of kombucha
  • Can treat constipation
  • Help improve the condition of the body
  • Against arteriosclerosis
  • Help protect the gastrointestinal tool function
  • Curing sufferers of mental stress
  • Poison antidote
  • Cancure headaches
  • Cure cancer
Medically this fungus works to repair the damage--damage that is contained in all parts of the body. All members of the body can be recovered after consuming this tea. This fungus also helps stabilize the body's metabolism and Toxin-neutralizing acid glukuronat contained therein. Cells that are damaged will be corrected. because of the increased endogenis defense capacity, so as to help restore the health of our body.

You do not worry, because there have been many researchers proved the efficacy of kombucha tea. The researchers say that tea kombucha can control the development of bacteria in the digestive apparatus in our bodies, strengthening of the cells, Detox to reduce excess sweat in the body, the balance of metabolis, effect of antibiotics, and help balance the pH levels in the body.Kombucha has a high content of acid, gluconate on the drinks that are capable of strengthening the immune power against infection from outside as well as have the ability to bind toxins and expelled from the body through urine. The content contained on the antimicrobial mushroom kombucha nutritious inhibits the growth of Shigella sonmei, e. coli, danSalmonella typhimuriumpada body.

During the fermentation lasts kombucha will produce alcohol, carbon dioxide, vitamin B, vitamin C, and a variety of organic acids such as acetic acid, gluconate course, glukoronat, there are even oxalic acid, and lactic acid that is useful for the process of simplification of human nutrition.The composition of the aqueous solution of tea will affect the aroma and taste of kombucha. The composition is the sugar residue, carbon dioxide and organic acids. While the content of acetic acid are strong aroma will generate volatile and pungent aroma, giving rise to acid, while the sour taste is sour soft gluconate. That's some explanation about the mushroom kombucha benefits along with the author's quotation of wikipedia, may be useful and a source of new knowledge to you.

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