Tips on Choosing Hairstyle Fit Your Face Shape

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Tips on Choosing Hair Style Fit Your Face Shape~Not everyone is suited to a particular hairstyle. But everyone wants to look fit and gorgeous with a haircut. It was difficult to determine a suitable hairstyle for ourselves, especially for women who want to look beautiful with her hair in order to be an attraction for men. Here are Choosing Hair Style Fit Your Face Shape.


1. Round face shape
Round face shape is usually owned by a woman who has more weight, but did not rule also occur in women who have a lower body weight. But still gives the impression of chubby round face and chubby. For this face shape can we wear a hairstyle that has bangs or side bangs longer. To give the impression of a longer face can order on full or bouffant hair higher. Avoid cuts thick hair on the side because it can clarify roundness face and looked fatter again.

2. The shape of the face Box
To form the face of the box suitable to wear long hair or short pieces a dynamic. If your hair is straight suited to thin slightly sideways terms in your face.

3. Face Shape Heart
To face this type just select want to cover pointed chin. If you want to cover wear long hair piece and vice versa if you want to reinforce wear short hair, pointy chin can own charismatic members. Avoid side layer is too one-sided.

4. Oval Face Shape
The oval face shape is actually a form of proportional and balanced face so do not confuse selecting a suitable hairstyle, because it is suitable for any hair models. But avoid bangs are too heavy and too high pompadour because it can reduce the value of more than a pretty face you.

5. Choosing Hair Styles to Fit Your Body Shape
In addition to the face shape body shape is also taken into consideration to choose a hairstyle that will be applied. Here are his tips:

6. Thin Body
For the thin body ideal hairstyle is short hair. Because of long and straight hair will make you look thinner.

7. Body Fat
Hair that is too long will make the owner of body fat looks small but inappropriate. But hair is too short is also inappropriate because it will reinforce obesity. Medium length hair which is more suitable for you.

8. Body Height & Athletic
For that is actually suitable to apply all hairstyles. However ponytail hair style is less suitable.

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