8 Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

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Dark circles in the eye area caused by aging (dead skin cells), scar, the hormonal changes (usually after menstruation or childbirth), vitamin deficiencies, dehydration, flu symptoms, drug side effects, lack of sleep and others. Panda eyes or dark circles eye area often make the face look unsightly, because it looks lethargic and not fresh, face looks older than actual age. Things to consider in order to avoid or reduce the dark circles are:
Circles Eyes
  • Enough sleep, try to always sleep on time.
  • Avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of water to overcome dry skin.
  • Make it a habit to always compress the eye every night when the eyes look tired, a process that will provide relaxation to the eye muscles after work.
  • Avoid rubbing the eyes too much or too often because it causes blood vessels to dilate, thus making circles under the eyes look darker.
  • Eating foods rich in vitamins A, C and E.
  • Stop smoking and limit alcohol consumption much less caffeine. Smoking damages the skin cells, while alcohol and caffeine contribute to dehydration, which in turn weakens the delicate skin around the eyes.
While How to Eliminate Dark Circles Eye using traditional natural medicine is in the following manner:

1. Almond oil
Vitamin E and A on almond oil helps diminish wrinkles wrinkles in the eye area, this is very useful natural ingredients help remove black stains and dirt on the circle and raised eye ring, did not it just use almond oil regularly can treat skin so soft and toned. oleskanlah almond oil before bed above and under eye circles, then leave overnight, in the morning, wash with cold water, do every day until dark circles disappear eye area.

2. Cucumber
Since many centuries ago cucumbers have been used for beauty treatments, especially eliminating the black bag in the lining of the eyelids. cucumber has a mild substances that help remove impurities and removes stains black spots on the face naturally. Prepare a cucumber, it would be nice if the cucumbers in the refrigerator, then cut two thick slices and look for a convenient place to attach the lid, let it stick for 10 minutes, then wash with water, do it that way every day for one week so that the eyelid be fresh free without wrinkles.

3. Raw potatoes
Potatoes are well known as a high-carbohydrate foods in fact contain bleaching agents that are able to get rid of dirt and tighten skin at the same whitening of wrinkles wrinkles due to aging. prepare two potatoes and scar to be juice extract, then take it out and soak a cotton ball into the juice, then paste the cotton ball on the eyelids are closed, allow 10-15 minutes is attached to a cotton ball, then dip the cotton ball on the potato juice and repeat stick like that, then please clean, do it 2 times a day until the black stain on your eye bags disappear.

4. Water Roses
Water rose does have benefits for the skin, the scent is also believed to relieve depression in advance of the water decoction of roses can rejuvenate the skin, removes stains also provide a calming effect if the eyes are tired. Take a cotton ball soaked in boiling lemudian roses. Glue the cotton ball on the black eye socket area for 15 minutes, then rinse with clean please. Do it every day. To be more clear please read Efficacy of Roses

5. Tomato fruit
Tomato fruit is familiar to us is very easy to find, fruits that contain vitamin A which is great has the ability to clean the dark circles around the eyes, vitamin C as a natural antioxidant proven to whiten the skin. Read the efficacy of tomato fruit. Make the juice from the tomatoes and mix well if there is a bit of lemon on it and then spread to the area around the eyes, let stand for 15 minutes. After the last wash. Another way of tomatoes can be sliced and placed directly in the eye. Do it every day until it looks perfect change.

6. Lemon Juice
Lemon contains vitamin C as antioxidants, essential oils and essential oils are also able to remove the black stain on the circle eye rings, lemon mask also always associated with how to whiten skin naturally. Use a cotton ball to apply to the skin around the eyes, allow about 15 minutes then wash, the other way is to make a paste of 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of tomato juice, sprinkle a little turmeric and salt. gently apply a paste. do every day until you see the change.

7. Coconut Oil
Massaging with coconut oil is an effective natural way to lighten dark circles, also makes the skin smooth, soft and prevent wrinkles and fine lines under the eyes. Apply a small amount of coconut oil in the area under the eyes, and give a smooth and gentle massage in a circular motion and make sure crushed on black eyelids, Let it sit for a few hours, then cuci.Ulangi two to three times a day for several weeks or until you see the results.

8. Tea Bag
Caffeine and antioxidants in tea is very useful to get rid of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes by shrinking blood vessels and reduce fluid retention. Tannins content, helping reduce swelling and discoloration, Chill two former green or black tea bags in the refrigerator for about half an hour. look for a convenient place to carry out this activity Place tea bags in each eye, leave on for 10 minutes then remove and wash, do this every day of your eye area clean eyelids.

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