Biography of Blue Ivy Carter

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The little girl who was born in New York City on January 7, 2012 this first child Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z was born in the middle of a large family of musicians, of course, make this a Blue Ivy Carter public spotlight, even since he was still in the womb.

While still containing a public Ivy, Blue was that Beyonce fake pregnancy. The reason, Beyonce has ever caught on camera being bent over and showed an unlikely dent experienced by pregnant women. However, Beyonce break that opinion by showing off photos of stomach size does tertutp shirt. The picture was no doubt also breaking opinions say that Beyonce has a baby boy via the tube.

Blue Ivy Carter
Prior to his birth, Blue Ivy also makes his parents took out billions of funds to hire the Lenox Hill Hospital became the location of his birth. In addition the hospital also closely guarded so that none of the smugglers who tried to steal his birth.

Although he was born via c-section, but Jay Z finally gave her baby the confirmation that born normally. Since the birth, another controversy emerged one by one.

A church in North Carolina had a tantrum because there are certain parties who taped the paper stating that Beyonce is the reincarnation of Satan. In addition, the attitude of a protective and Beyonce did not want to reveal her face makes a lot of people think that the baby is bad form. But rumors about the poor form of the face immediately deleted by photo that was released in mid-February.

Even in a matter of days after Blue Ivy is born, this little baby has managed to penetrate the Billboard record for the second week in February 2012. The song titled "Glory created his father managed to penetrate the ranking 74th and crowned the youngest Blue as a musician that ever entered the Billboard. No wonder, even though the song was created by Jay Z, but the songs are dedicated to the voice for Blue Ivy involves weeping.

Unfortunately, her name was mocked by many people who are not responsible. In addition to the names are used to name the marijuana, the name was also briefly entered the worst baby name lists pollingnya twitter user dijaring by whim. Does the career of Blue Ivy will emulate his parents later? Just look later!

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