Biography of Lee Konitz

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  • Full Name: Lee Konitz
  • Profession: Composer
  • Place Of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • Birth date: Thursday, October 13, 1927
  • Zodiac: Balance
  • Education: Roosevelt University
  • Career: Saxophone players~Composer
Lee Konitz
Lee Konitz was born in Chicago, October 13, 1927 Legenda is a composer of jazz music and is also a player of the alto saxophone. He is regarded as one of the driving forces of the birth of the Cool Jazz and he also manages to perform arrangements of bebop and avant-garde. Konitz is one that maintains the particularity of altoist votes in the 40 's.

Konitz's autobiography to Lennie Tristano, the same as his other Lennie. He can memimprovisasi the songs, gives a strange accent in the rhythm of the song even added a collection of suggestive note from time to time. A great people who have influenced Konitz, among others, Paul Desmond and Art Pepper. Konitz's Association and Cool Jazz to make changes in the 40s and 50s that participated in the birth of the Miles Davis of Cool Jazz. Along his career as a jazz musician, he has played with musicians from all musical styles of reliable it.

Konitz small start studied music at an early age when treading 8 years. At that time, he studied the clarinet and then moved on to other musical instruments tenor saxophone. After that, he studied the alto saxophone. Konitz started his professional career in 1945 with his band Teddy Powel. Then he replaced the position of Charlie Ventura. It turns out a month later the band broke up. In mid-1945 to 1947, he worked with Jerry Wald. In 1946, he met pianist Lennie Tristano and works at a bar with her. In 1947, he was offered to play along with Claude Thornhill which acts as the Gerry Muligan and arangger that acts as a composer.

In 1949 he worked with Miles Davis Group and the 1950 recording Bitrh of the Cool. His debut as a leader comes in that year that was marked with the release of Subconscious-Lee in the shade of Prestige Records. In the same year, he rejected a call for a Benny Goodman teamed up because he is undergoing recording. As early as the 1950s, Konitz did next tape tour with Stan Kenton's Orchestra. Eleven years later, in 1961, he made recordings of Motion with Elvin Jones at the drums and Sonny Dallas on bass. This recording is very spontaneous and in fact this trio format very unusual to use.

Charlie Parker may be referred to as a good friend of Konitz. Although both are good friends, but they could never compete in the Affairs of jazz. In 1967, she sang a Duet with some of the musicians. Again the duo format he show is considered unusual at the time. For example, a duet with Louis Armstrong in "Struttin ' With Some Barbecue".

Konitz has been very prolific in recording the album. He has conducted several recordings with musicians such as Dave Brubeck, Ornette Coleman, Charles Mingus, Elvin Jones and others. In his latest work, he among with Brad Mehldau and Charlie Haden, released in 2009. At an early age grow older, he has released several jazz albums and also collaborate with young musicians. It was released on several labels such as hatArt, Soul Note, Omnitone and ECM. In fact, he is scheduled to appear at the Melbourne Recital Centre in Central performance as a musician the 2011 Melbourne International Jazz Festival. But, unfortunately, he fell ill and caused the cancellation of the last-minute appearance.

Works made
  • Lee Konitz New quartet: Live at the village Vanguard (tea feat. Jeff Denson, Florian Weber, Ziv Ravitz, 2009
  • Motion, 1961
  • Trio and Quartet, 1965
  • Heroes, 1980
  • In Rio, 1989
  • Switzerland Kiss, 1994

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