Long-Nosed Strange Fish

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Fishing in the cold Arctic waters in Canada capture the strange creature. For unusual shape, has a long nose with a small body proportions. Scientists identify it is the long-nosed chimaera fish are scarce.
Strange Fish
Terrible fish that live in the deep sea that has a long nose, mouth with sharp teeth serrated, venomous spine, and body coated gray gelatinous substance was arrested near the northern province of Nunavut in the Davis Strait.

Initially, scientists believe, the odd fish like shark goblin (goblin shark). However, recently, experts say it is a chimaera soft animal of the order Chimaeriformes reinforced, often called ghostshark (chimaeras), Rat Fish, or Fangtooth whose habitat is in the depths of the ocean are never touched by humans. Long-nosed chimaera has a tail like a whip and can grow up to 3 meters.

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