Paulina Vega, Miss Colombia Miss Universe 2014 Winner

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Miss Universe 2014 beauty contest of the most eagerly awaited finally borne fruit as well. So long undergo various procedures and assessment, finally Miss Colombia, Paulina Vega who managed to become the winner of this year.
Miss Colombia
Beautiful woman aged 22 years was finally able to be proud of themselves when a Miss Universe crown around his head. Being a universal beauty queen, this would be an unforgettable experience in all his life.

Paulina beat 89 other beautiful contestants from countries scattered around the world. After going through the process is so long, he could return the name of Colombia in a beauty contest is held once a year.

Before the official bearing the title of Miss Universe 2014, Paulina first four contestants compete with others in a large 5 allowance. Those whom was Miss USA, Miss Ukraine, Miss Netherlands, and Miss Jamaica. Here is a complete list of winners Miss Universe 2014 held in Miami, USA.

1. Miss Universe: Colombia - Paulina Vega
2. The 1st runner-up: USA - Nia Sanchez
3. 2nd runner-up: Ukraine - Diana Harkusha
4. 3rd runner-up: Netherlands - Yasmin Verheije
5. 4th runner-up: Jamaica - Kaci Fennell
6. National Costume: Indonesia - Elvira Devinamira
7. Miss Congeniality: Nigeria - Queen Celestine
8. Miss Photogenic: Puerto Rico - Gabriela Berrios

Well, congratulations to Paulina Vega since managed to become the winner of Miss Universe 2014

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