The mystery of the Giant Creatures were Recorded for Google Earth

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A mysterious giant-sized creature appears in the Bay In New Zealand should be OK, about a week ago. The size of the creature was far greater than the sharks and move more quickly than the Pope. A technician named Ribbon Witehira find creatures through the Google Earth satellite photo.

Giant Creatures-Google Earth

It looks like being close to the surface of the water and off the top of shape is elongated, it evokes the water footprint is pretty clearly visible, as quoted from

The appearance of the creatures found Witehira while searching the House where holiday`s. Measure the length of the creature that's about 12 meters.

"Maori Taniwha were beings (a kind of gigantic Dragon), which is obviously not the Pope and too large if it is called shark," said Witehira.

Traces of water in the Bay is also not ensured the former path of the ship since there is no frothing white due to the rotation of the propeller engine of the ship.

"It is too big for the size of the sharks and extremely long. Definitely does it weigh very heavy so it could create that kind of elongated water footprint.

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