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Make you a big fan of Westlife, of course, already familiar with the figure of Mark Feehily not? Yup, this is the singer handsome Irishman who had always been successful in making the woman screaming hysterically at the sight of a super cool action stage. Recently revealed a fact that says if Mark has opened a culinary business alive. Surely many of you are curious as to what effort is being hailed by Mark. However, this photo could be evidence of the fact.
As reported by the Daily Mail, portrait above is a van that is used to sell a variety of processed Mark crepes are located in Victoria Park, London. The business itself got a very big from the buyers.

"We bought a Citroen H van ancient, more like a van France 1950 anyway. Prior to repair, the van is very messy, but we equip it with a variety of goods in preparation for this event," he said.

The consumer crepes Mark was surprised to find out if the man who was once an idol is now prefer to open a culinary business street. Even so, Mark admitted that sells crepes are very business like.

This is the first time Mark peddle various processed crepes. He chose to sell at the festival he believed would be the first step of street culinary business success is being acquired. Well, good luck for your business, Mark. We love you!

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