Throughout Rat 1 Meter makes Chinese Farmers shocked

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Farmers in China catching rats 1 meter and weighing 5 kg. Jumbo rats were claimed to have been terrorizing the village and eat fish with voracious. Terrible rat weighs 10 times more than the average normal mice. First seen when she was snatched fish weighing 3 kg of ponds in a village in Shaoyang, Hunan.
According to local media reports the Daily Mail, the mouse looks wading pool and big fish dragged to the edge before swallowing it whole with a huge jaw.

Local farmers were then united to catch rodents, which have sparked terror among the villagers. They finally managed to corner the rat jumbo before killing with makeshift weapons.

After successfully killing the rat, the farmers want to cook the jumbo rodent star. Instead, they use a kitchen knife to cut the jumbo rat was actually broken. The mouse skin was very thick.

Rats are traditionally eaten in Guangdong, southern China. Usually they represent it in a stew, boiled or cooked in soups. It is also sometimes presented in the form of baked goods along with a duck.

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