3 Serious illness that will appear if the majority of Drinking Soda

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Number of stores or supermarkets increasingly makes it easy for everyone to shop, but at the same time makes it easier for people to apply to unhealthy lifestyle by buying instant food and sugared beverages such as soda. Such as food other artificial, soda into the ranks of the food is bad for health.

As reported by from, in addition to diabetes and obesity, there are four health problems that can arise when you are reasonable in frequency of drinking soda, which are
High blood pressure
Not only are many eating goat meat that could make a person experience high blood pressure. If you mostly like sweet drinks of soda drinking can also increase the risk of high blood pressure. It's been proven, by lowering consumption of soda, then blood pressure will also come down.
Heart disease

A study shows that men who drank one serving of sweetened beverages per day, have a 20% higher likelihood of having a heart attack compared with men who did not drink soda at all. The ingredients in soda drink fructose can cause inflammation and increase blood levels of fats called triglycerides, which became the cause of a heart attack.

Kidney stones
Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. But drinking sweet sodas thus increases the risk of kidney stones. This is because fructose in sweetened beverages increase the levels of uric acid, oxalate, urine and calcium compounds, some of which can be concentrated to form kidney stones. So, still want to drink soda every day? Replace your drink with a healthier ya Ladies.

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