Bored With Display, Justin Bieber turns a new look

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Justin Bieber is often referred to as one of the male singer who had a taste of high fashion. This is evident from the daily appearance or attend an event, he always managed to steal the show.

Additionally, high public interest to watch every appearance of Justin, is proof that he is one of the trend setters of the world.
Justin Bieber
While attending New York Fashion Week yesterday, Justin looks to change his appearance. Hmm, about the more handsome not ya? If you are curious, you can see the photo below.

Looks Justin change his hairstyle. If usually seen with mowhawk haircut, now he performed with slightly longish hair and combed back.

By using a black dress and paired with a red jacket, Justin looks stunning. Face chanter Love Me As Long As it is also even more shine.

Well, how Belieber? Are you more fascinated with a new hair style idol you? Write your opinion yes!

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