Causes of Hair Loss Location Different Women and Men

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The causes of hair loss are many. In women, usually occurs as a result of the hair too tightly bound, dandruff, or because too often not given the vitamin. However, both women and men, the loss due to hormonal imbalance. The hormone in question is testosterone that is in the head. Testosterone are unbalanced or excessive levels will cause hair loss.
DHT hormone or hormone appears dyhedrotestosteron is when we experience a shortage nutrition or nutritional imbalances. Inadequate intake of protein, iron, calcium, and B complex will cause the enzyme 5-alpha, where this enzyme will reduce the hormone testosterone into DHT.

Once these hormones are formed, these compounds will be attached to the hair follicles, causing hair can not grow properly. Because the hair follicles undergo fragility.

Why do men experience hair loss at the front while the woman in the middle is because the concentration of the hormone DHT was different. In men, the hormone is more on the front, while many women at the top of the head. Can treat it with therapy to stimulate hair growth. Can also use products that contain anti-DHT.

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