Great decision, This Story Laudya Cynthia Bella when using hijab

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Various changes experienced Laudya Cynthia Bella after hijab. So is the circle of friendship, he has more friends than among women who hijab. For Bella This decision is a great, especially with the hijab means he is ready to release a variety of bids approached.
"I tetep friends with my friends who are regular. Add friends yes, my friends the same hijab," said Bella met at Kemanggisan Main Street, West Jakarta, Wednesday (04/02/2015).
Bella then tells how he came to decide for hijab. he calls a turning point decision to close the genitals occurs when starring Assalamualaikum BEIJING.
Laudya Cynthia Bella
"Time Assalamualaikum BEIJING movie, I think it's time (hijab). This is a very big decision and the extraordinary. Not a day or two decisions, suddenly I feel comfortable at all. I want Umrah, and I was surprised that God is good once, all of which I ask God's love. Maybe it's time, "he explained.

Bella itself is not experiencing tremendous inner turmoil for hijab. He even felt very comfortable with the decision. To establish intent, Bella had undergone Umrah to the holy land.
"Not really, actually I feel more happy. I used may be happy, but do not get peace. If now I am enjoying all this change. Feeling more secure about going anywhere. I wear hijab wills safe," he said.
Bella also feel there are some positive effects after Umrah she lived. Now with the hijab, she underwent different days. "Initially, I had 40 days (return umra) increasingly feel comfortable." Said Bella.

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