Nicole Scherzinger Choosing Instead Work girlfriend

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After their romance established for 7 years, finally this month Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton split official. This news is quite unfortunate by many people who know the story end connect love them both.
Nicole Scherzinger
However, it turns out Nicole Scherzinger has its own reasons why he decided to break up with a lover that riders. When interviewed, was the singer of Your Love prefers to enjoy his own life.
"I just made a sacrifice. I left LA, all my friends and family. It's time to sacrifice a relationship between someone who I love and work," he said.
The 36-year-old singer admits that she does not regret his choice. Believe in herself, Nicole Scherzinger appeared to have personal reasons.
"Yes, I try not to regret anything. It's because I feel, as long as you have a positive force on something, sure, and be yourself, it will surely take you to a higher level of life," said Nicole.
Although this time he chose to break up with Lewis Hamilton, but Nicole claimed to have had a plan for her love story. About 10 years into the future, she would like to try for a career in the film world and have children at the age of about 40. We pray just so hopefully achieved.

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