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All women would want a smooth face, pretty, white and free from problems such as facial acne, blackheads and fluff. Not infrequently, some women have fine hairs on the face that can make sense of confidence is reduced.
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The growth of the hair or fine hair on the face itself usually occurs due to hormonal disorders or it could be due to stress. Other causes of weight gain and age. Well to get a beautiful face and smooth fuzz free, quoted from, this is the natural way.

1. Turmeric
Turmeric is not only good for your health, but it is also believed to be a natural mask in the world of beauty. Applying turmeric as a mask on a regular basis is not only able to eliminate the fine hairs on the face. Turmeric is also believed to brighten the skin, smoothing and making look younger.

2. Rice Flour
Mix the rice flour with a spoon turmeric that has been smoothed and two spoons of yogurt. Mix well and add a little water to form a mask or cream. Apply regularly as a face mask. Let stand for about 15-20 minutes. If the mask is already somewhat dries, you can rinse the face. For maximum results, you are advised to use warm water. Besides it feels comfortable, warm water can also be relaxing in your face.

3. Sugar
Prepare the lemon, honey and sugar. Squeeze the lemon juice and mix with a tablespoon of sugar and one teaspoon of pure honey. Mix these three ingredients and use as a facial mask. Apply regularly at least twice a week. In the next few weeks, you can get free facial fur and beautiful as well as more subtle.

4. Egg Whites
You certainly are not doubting the benefits of egg white for facial beauty. Take one egg and yolk from the egg white. Once separated, mix one tablespoon of sugar and a teaspoon of cornstarch into the egg whites. Third Stir ingredients until evenly distributed. If it is mixed and formed a cream, use the cream as a face mask. Allow to dry and then rinse your face with clean water. So that the mask is easy to clean, it is advisable for you to use warm water.

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