Will Ava Duvernay FIlm Directing Marvel?

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Directed SELMA, Ava Duvernay are in a phenomenal year. With dozens of nominations in the movie awards including multiple wins it, the film has successfully made a significant impact in the film industry. He was nominated for the Golden Globes on his efforts to tow SELMA, and though he never managed to get the best director in the Academy Awards, the film won Best Picture afford.
Ava Duvernay
SELMA still reaping praise and rewards and even occupy the top five box-office. It feels not be a surprise if given the opportunity to tow Ava blockbuster movie. Thank to Hitflix, challenging the idea of directing Ava Marvel superhero films appear.

This gorgeous director admitted that he was not a big fan of movies that are lifted from the comics. But he was intrigued with the idea to tow stories lifted from the myth.
"I'm not a big fan of the comic, but I like to deconstruct the hero and myth. I might want to make the original story. I dont know about Marvel. But I like to convey all kinds of stories. So I did not refuse. Everything is still possible, "he said. Well, if this is hard coded for Marvel, huh?
Ava probably not a big fan of superhero, but clearly he says if he had a passion in telling a story. The fact that he likes to explore the characters and understand the ins and outs of the core story he made, would be in his favor. Maybe he could get a chance to work together, aka Marvel Cinematic Universe MCU. Remember also that Bryan Singer is also not a director who really understood about the X-Men. But he successfully tow two X-Men films.

Obviously, if Ava interested, he must go through several stages of learning because not easy to be in a fantastic-budget project. At least a specialist director of this low-budget drama must learn the comic before it actually falls into the realm of superheroes. Zathura tow Jon Favreau never before believed in IRON MAN franchise.

If you are interested in directing Ava Duvernay CAPTAIN MARVEL, he must immediately 'campaign' quickly. Because Angelina Jolie is also offered to tow. Well, who's going to win, huh?

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