Wow! Length Wedding Gown Olivia Pramaisella Up to 8 Meters

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MY IDIOT BROTHERS star who also once Finalists of Miss Indonesia 2014, Olivia Pramaisella has officially become the wife of Baron Respati, Saturday (31/1) then. Wedding that was held at the Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan was also looks so majestic.
Olivia Pramaisella
According to rumors, a party to celebrate the happy day it is costing billions of tablets. However, according to the entrepreneur, their marriage is quite simple compared to other marriages.
"Sometimes other people see marriage of luxury and exceptional, but we do not impose it. Because if there certainly impose consequences and a big responsibility. So it is just. It is a small, simple wedding suit our abilities," he said.
Marriage is arguably simpler, but the Queen's day course should appear much more beautiful than anyone else. Yep, Olivia also entrust her wedding dress on Sebastian Gunawan. Uniquely ya, tail length dress loh reach eight feet.

It looks so long gown, Olivia, but there is a prayer why Miss Indonesia Social Media chose that number. "Eight feet, because the number eight was the number of perfection so hope that everything is perfect," said beauty is born 29 September 1995.

May all his hopes come true and can continue to be happy with married life. Welcome a new life and Baron Olivia Pramaisella Respati.

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