Wow! This girl has created a candy that does not make Damaged Teeth

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A girl from Wolverine Lake named Alina Morse is arguably a girl genius and has a brilliant brain. He managed to embody the idea of ​​healthy candy all at once with no less delicious taste. As reported, sweets created 9 year old girl is not the usual candy, but candy that is guaranteed free of materials that can damage teeth.
Starting from a father who was always forbidden to eat sweets as a child on the grounds that the existing sugar content of candy is not good for dental health. As a result, this beautiful girl immediately revealed his intention to help mothers who want to keep their teeth healthy despite eating sweets.

Then, he asked his father why do not they try to try to make sweets are good for teeth. In order to realize the idea, both in-depth research. They are looking for information online and asked some dentist and hygienic. Then they record and collecting materials that if it can be used to treat a candy.

The first correspondent Alina tasted homemade candy is none other than her own sister, Lola. Incidentally his brother, including children who love picky, he will not eat if the food taste bad. When Alina know Lola likes candy made, he was sure the product successfully.

Once known successful and guaranteed delicious. Alina and her father designed the packaging of confectionery products were then given the brand name 'Zollipop' and submitted it to retailers. After conducting presentations and provide samples to the Whole Foods Market, who would have received the product creation Alina and ready to enjoy the audience of candy without hesitation toothache.

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