3 Important Things to Know About Acne Facial Treatment

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As you know that acne can be very disturbing appearance and make some people do not believe in themselves. Well, this time My Article by inquire directly with dr. Hans Main, SpKK of MeetDoctor about acne. Let's refer to the following answer.
1. Is it true face wash without soap is better and can deal with acne? (Only use water, washcloth, or milk cleanser)
Face wash acne patients can use soap. Avoid using soaps that contain scrub because it can cause irritation. The use of soap that are comedogenic can aggravate acne.

2. How to treat acne so that when deflated does not leave black stains on the skin?
Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (blackish spots after acne) is a normal process can occur. Handling the right acne can minimize these risks. These spots can sometimes fade on its own, just takes time

3. How to tips to prevent acne? (Either from the outside or food)
Prevention of acne can use products that do not care komedogenic, avoid fatty foods and who have a high sugar content. Stress factors and hormonal changes can trigger acne.

^^So, if you want to treat facial acne breakouts or avoid and eliminate scars, just look for the 3 points above ya Ladies.

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