A Woman Successfully Capture UFO in Her home page

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Recently there was another incident of UFO sightings, as told by a woman in Barwell, Leicestershire, she said she saw two unidentified object hovering and then the two objects come together while flying in the sky.

Even more surprising was before seeing the object he heard strange noises from downstairs suspected her home. But after knowing there was nothing on the floor of his house, he decided to look out of the window for a while.

He also recorded two bright ball with flashing lights fly across the sky for hours, as reported through the page IBTimes Monday (03/09/2015).

He also managed to record the movement of unidentified flying objects that kept coming to unite and move from side to side for 20 seconds. Both the light has tremendous speed as it disappeared.

Leicestershire UFO Investigation Network (Lufoin) decided to investigate the whole matter and said that on the night sky was bright enough.

"It was a clear night and no clouds in the sky. Both light was united and moving from side to side. He (the woman who saw a UFO) said she watched them approximately 20 seconds, then the light was shot with incredible speed. It This is an interesting case, "said Joanne Kavanagh, Lufoin.

However, Kavanagh stated needs require further research related truths foreign object passing in the sky. "We do not have a clue whether it was a spaceship," he added.

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