Ancestors Crocodile Inhabiting is the oldest North American Region

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Apparently the oldest predator is the ancestor of the crocodile than other predators that live in North America before other dinosaurs fill, as reported by ScienceDaily, Friday (20/03/2015).

Carnufex carolinensis or better known as the butcher Carolina is known as a land animal crocodile ancestors, has nine long legs to walk on the back. Has a thick layer of the body and is regarded as an armored reptiles.
Ancestors Crocodile
Paleontologists from the University of North Carolina and the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science, has examined the skulls of Carnufex. Disclosed scientists, spine and upper front legs are characteristic of reptiles in the region Caronlina.

The set of bones are arranged with a scanner 3D technology, to recover part of the skull was missing. Thereby enabling the visualization displays a complete skull of Carnufex for full display, as part of the spine and the upper part of the front leg Pekin Formation in Chatham County, North Carolina.

Formation pekin itself contains sendimen deposited 231 million years ago at the beginning of the Late Triassic, which has now been turned into North Carolina.

"The fossils from this period is very important for scientists, because they record the initial appearance crocodylomorphs and theropod dinosaurs. Two groups were first evolved on Triasic period, but managed to survive until today in the form of a crocodile and a bird, "said Lindsay Zanno, Assistant Research Professor at NC State ddan Director of Paleontology and Laboratoiturm Museum North Carolina.

According to him, carnufex discovery is one of the earliest and biggest step on crocodylomorphs in the world, to add new information ata group of terrestrial predators that ever existed in Pangea.

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