Behind the Tsunami tragedy, Heaven Turns There are Beautiful

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Behind The tsunami that hit Aceh in 2004, there was a beauty store like heaven. On the way to the ground and full of rocky indeed make the body uncomfortable, especially in the rainy season.

After passing through a street full of obstacles, you can enjoy a variety of shades of green of the trees and mountains original pool water to eliminate all tired and sore that had coursed through the body.

In general, Lhoknga known as a tourist area with white sand beaches are beautiful and exciting culinary. But behind all that, it turns out Lhoknga store enchantment begins to emit light to the surface.
Namely rays mountain charm Pucok Krueng. Pucok called Krueng in Acehnese, because this location is actually located in the corner of the mountain at an altitude above the area of ​​settlements. This location has just been known since three years ago.

Initially no one knows where this place apart from the local villagers, who came gardening and bersawah in Krueng Pucok region. Eventually, this area became known among younger children and backpacker nature lovers, which eventually evolved from mouth to mouth. Because people are beginning to come, of this region continues to be supervised in order to stay awake keasriannya location and cleanliness.

Shortly exploring foot in this area, your eyes will immediately be spoiled with green eyes water pond water is sourced directly from the mountain. Swimming with the cave that traced the end of this cave will end up in a mountain river in Lamno, Aceh Jaya.

The fact that quite surprising. Because if reached by road, the distance from Lhoknga to Lamno, Aceh Jaya is 75 kilometers. At the main pool with water that greenish color, makes the visitors look busy perpetuating the atmosphere, and others enjoy the fresh water swimming fun.

On the cliff wall looks a rope hanging from the top of the cliff. Apparently mine is used also for the visitors who want to test their adrenaline, with a climbing wall climbing with a rope to the top and then jump into the swimming baths. The distance is not far, just less than 20 meters away, but not everyone can do it.

The existence of Krueng Pucok location is not yet widely known by the public. And of course this is a homework for local government if it is to reap the many benefits of tourism potential and if it is a crowded place is also expected that people can keep this place in order to continue naturally.

Natural atmosphere presented Pucok Krueng make people swept up and feel like in heaven. Yet the number of public intervention in the location of this bathing pool makes a beautiful location and is expected to remain natural and fresh atmosphere will be maintained.

In addition to providing benefits of natural freshness, presence bathing pool Pucok Krueng a natural balance that must be maintained preservation.

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