Do these 5 things when breakouts

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When you have a face full of acne, there are a few things you need to do to resolve it. According to experts, when you touch the pimples, it will make it spread to other parts of your skin. Here are some things you should do to overcome the stubborn acne.
1. Do not touch
If your face is filled with acne, the best way to treat it is to not touch it.

2. Avoid harsh soaps to wash your face
Avoid using soap to wash my face made from harsh chemicals. It can damage the first layer of your skin and leave scars.

3. Keep your hair out of the face
One of the main things that should not be done when you have acne is put bangs. Oil from the hair will worsen your acne condition.

4. Using a tissue
Do not use a towel to wipe the face. You should use a tissue because it can be disposed of and not used repeatedly.

5. Avoid oily foods
Oily foods can aggravate acne condition. So, multiply eat healthy foods.

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