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After the world of cinema was enlivened by the presence of fan-films (films made ​​by fans) at the top superhero era '90s, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, titled POWER / RANGERS production of Joseph Kahn and Adi Shankar the controversy, now the fan movie DRAGON BALL: EVOLUTION appeared on Youtube. Titled DRAGON BALL Z: LIGHT OF HOPE, the film is touted to be better than the original film. Some websites write the reviews that have DBZ special effects 'deadly' supported by outstanding cinematography.
DBZ Goku and Trunks tells the story of trying to save human lives as much as possible from the onslaught of Androids # 17 and # 18. Young Trunks must be learned from his mentor, Goku, despite being in a state of war that is not allowed? Will they find a glimmer of hope?

Fan-length movies 13 minutes This is an adaptation of a series THE HISTORY OF Trunks TV Special. Tilled with love, DBZ is a non-profit movie and do not deal directly with the owner of the official license. In fact, Robot Underdog, home production DBZ movie invites the audience to give donations for the development of fan-film further.

Toei Animation, Dragon Ball license holder does not indicate the fan reaction to this film. Unlike Saban Entertainment was very angry with the POWER / RANGERS to 'degrade' fan-film on Vimeo and Youtube. Excessive backlash and this appears as Joseph and Adi considered not ask permission first time will make the fan-films.

In addition to POWER / DRAGON BALL Z RANGERS and: LIGHT OF HOPE actually many more other fan-film. Producer Adi Shankar has several times made fan-films. VENOM: TRUTH in Journalism, is a parody of the character Venom movie. This short film starring TV series True Blood, Ryan Kwanten. He also makes creating DIRTY LAUNDRY, parody on The Punisher starring Thomas Jane.

Instead of curiosity, just peep-movie fan while there is still cool. KLovers Hurry, do not want to lose the same 11 million other YouTube users!

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