Emma Watson Happy Discover the Prince and Devotees

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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, the film classic Disney fairy tale about a princess who falls in love with a prince ugly, managed to hypnotize fans when it was first launched in 1991. The good news now this cartoon will be made again with Emma Watson as its main role as Belle.
Emma Watson
In addition to Emma, there are two men handsome macho nan who joined with him that Dan Stevens, star of TV series DOWNTOWN ABBEY, and Luke Evans. And will act as the prince, while Luke will serve as Gaston, nan muscular macho man who is also narcissistic. Emma seemed happy with the presence of these two men.

Starring Hermione in the Harry Potter series is really happy with the merger Dan Stevens. He spilled it on his Twitter account. The film is going to be a 'vehicle' good for and to achieve success again, after severely criticized in the film THE GUEST, Previous, Ryan Gosling reportedly also will play the Beast this, but apparently Disney is dropping selected the handsome actor who also plays a role NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM at: SECRET OF THE TOMB.

Not only excited because Dan, Emma also pleased Luke Evans could portray the figure that would chase him. Luke has played pretty good in FAST N FURIOUS 6 as Owen Shaw, and in the prequel movie Dracula, Dracula Untold, as Vlad. Luke also not spared from the mention of this beautiful British actress.

Gaston figure depicted as a handsome man, macho, stocky, yet very narcissistic and have a very high confidence. He also had a big smile and was always showing his white teeth. When Belle prefer Beast, he did not accept and directly pointing to a bad nature. Luke also updated his Twitter, retorting Emma.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST will be directed by Bill Condon known for its fantastic work, THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PART 1. Emma also divulge if he had to sing two songs in the movie is the Be Our Guest and Something There. Well, make more curious wrote.

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