Here is an easy way to whiten armpit with grapes

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Wearing a sleeveless clothing is one of the fashion favored by women and men. Clothing this model will display all the arms including your armpits. Having armpit with a dark color, can create confidence declined, especially for women. It can make her feel embarrassed when in public places.

Dark underarms are the result of using perfume, deodorant, shaving underarm hair, wearing tight clothes or use cream armpit. Of course this can be a worrisome thing for most people. Often they use chemicals to make the skin look white underarms back. In this case, you can use the wine as natural ingredients to restore the black underarm skin.
Wine has acidic properties and is believed to whiten and brighten the skin of the armpit. The use of wine has proved to be very effective and has no side effects. As quoted liputan6 of Boldsky, here are some ways you can do to make your skin look brighter armpits naturally.

1. Mixed Wine and Lemon
The combination of wine and lemon can give maximum results in a short time. This natural ingredient can be a simple natural home remedy to whiten the skin. Lemon is a natural acid that daat brighten the skin.

Grapes contain alpha-hydroxy capable of forming a healthy skin. Combine grape juice and lemon juice in equal parts and mix well. Apply to underarms at least three times a day for two weeks. If you're doing these treatments do not shave armpits and do not use any cream.

2. Grape Seed Oil
Another way you can do to whiten underarm skin is to use grape seed oil is widely available in the market or supermarket. For maximum results, mix a pinch of salt and make it as a natural scrub. Using natural ingredients, massaging with fingertips armpit in a circular motion can eliminate dead cells on the skin of your armpit.

3. Mask Wine
Making wine into the mask can also be made for the care of your armpit. Apply the mask wine in the armpit and let stand for ten minutes then rinse. This mask can tighten the skin and acts as a natural bleach. Regular use will create maximum results for your underarm skin.

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