Often wear makeup? Do not forget the rest of skin 2 times a week

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Makeup or makeup this time was as a middle name of a woman. Make up is able to boost the appearance of women become more leverage. So often a woman can not live without makeup. Perhaps, you also feel the same way.
If you like to wear make-up or even can not live without makeup, do not forget to rest your skin at least 2 times a week. Thus the sound of a health advice from quoted.

"I always advise my patients so that they rested their facial skin. Too often use makeup will only speed up the aging process because the make up will damage your skin elastic and collagen," said Dr. Esho, a skin specialist in the UK. "I believe that a reasonable rest of the makeup 2 times a week to help improve skin cell turnover so that the skin look younger and reduce the risk of the formation of fine lines."

"Make up often able to clog oil glands and impact on the enlargement of the pores. The elasticity of the skin will be affected by the use of make-up. Not to mention the content of fragrances and chemicals in it that can make your skin suffer from allergies and skin irritation," Dr. Noor Almaani, dermatologist at The Private Clinic of Harley Street added.

"Not only makeup that could rob the skin beauty, but the process of cleaning makeup with makeup remover is also capable of endangering the health of your skin. For most of these cleaners containing alcohol which can make your skin dry and irritated," said Dr. Esho. "So I also encourage you to go on a diet makeup and skin rest of your face."

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