Revenue the Avengers: Ultron age is already known

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The Avengers change the way we are going to film adaptation of the comic. Cool story and the special effects are incredible able to enchant us seemed to forget that the story was based on a comic. With earnings of US $ 207 million when the first week premiere, The Avengers occupied the top spot earning best movie in 2012.
the Avengers: Ultron age
This means that the newest sequel will be released on May 1, Avengers: AGE OF ULTRON made by Joss Whedon has a heavier load. He is required to break the record of the income or at least not with her. It seems that this will be true, because of its revenue is now predictable.

Bussiness Bloomberg predicts that number will be obtained by this second sequel will be much bigger than the first one. If in the year 2012 this favorite superhero team gets US $ 207 million (220 billion rupiah), so now they could have earned US $ 217 million. US $ 10 million more than the previous one!

However, it also depends on the community's readiness to accept the superhero films in recent years is booming. If public fatigue, this prediction may not be fulfilled.

Such predictions are very important to the studio for Marvel or Disney to determine the purchasing power of loyal fans. Disney still benefit from the abundant FROZEN while Marvel survive the success of Guardians of the Galaxy and CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER. Will Thor and his colleagues could meet Bloomberg's prediction? Chances only whether Avengers: AGE ULTRON able to 'drown' other superhero films, or end up like JOHN CARTER?

Marvel should be vigilant, because Disney has two films are quite promising as Cinderella and Tomorrow land that will be released near the sequel to The Avengers. KLovers select which of the three films mentioned above?

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