Themes Disney Princess Costumes Can Make You More Beautiful

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Attending a party or a party, appear indifferent certainly not enough. In order for the party more interesting and memorable, you certainly want to be the center of attention of those around you. And that could be the center of attention, one way is by trying to wear costumes and makeup of your favorite comic book characters. It can also be made into a festive party atmosphere you know.
Many of the characters that you can make, as well as the work of a few pupils costume of Han Chenny Beauty School. They managed to create a wide range of makeup that attract attention and can be used as inspiration. For example, three beautiful women who have a character like Elsa Frozen, Pocahontas and Aprodhite.

Makeup artist Elsa Frozen, Rosa Anggreani explained that the character he created initially given a foundation. Then use a brush with blue water in the face. Then, use glue firing Rosa combined with silver glitter. And eyelashes alone, Rosa uses gray glitter. In this way, Rosa admitted can dress like a character Elsa someone who is currently a worldwide hits.

"Everything is attached with glue eyelashes and everything is safe for the skin," said Rosa at work make up comic performances in the Atrium Ciputra World Surabaya Sunday, March 15th, 2015.

Other works come from Monica Natalia, he made the Indian girls. Monica Natalia revealed that for splitting the face which is the hallmark of Indian tribes are streaks of white color under the eye area, so the accent is very visible line independent.

Another distinctive feature of the work of Monica is the use of a point in the center line of the face impressed accents pop art. He acknowledged that the coloring using only face face painting alone.
"Staining on wearing face face painting and very safe in the skin," he said on the same occasion. Therefore, to explain the character of Pocahontas, he was wearing a brown curly eyelashes and eyebrows are thick.
And the next character is Aprodhite. To create a beautiful and graceful character like Aprodhite not difficult, almost the same as the character Elsa and Pocahontas. This work is the work of Queenly Shuardi Liem. He menggukan staining gold colored eyebrows, eyelashes and lipstick use more resembles the color of his eyebrows. To be more interesting, he gives a little touch of face painting so much character.

So Ladies, easy does not make makeup like the characters of your favorite comic? Congratulations to create ... If you are still curious figures or other comic characters, following the news photograph.

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