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Ideal weight and lean would be a dream of all women. And that dream is true for a woman named Mayra Rosales (34). Reporting from, in 2008 Mayra known to have a weight of 450 kg, or nearly half a ton.

In 2008 also, he admitted to killing his nephew who was a toddler when he accidentally overwrite nephew to death. Because of this lack, Mayra feel very guilty and want to make amends. He promised to go on a diet to lose weight so that he does not endanger his nephews.
Maya pledged to a strict diet for the sake get the ideal body so that he could take care of and protect all of niece. After his confession in 2008, the Maya and then arrested and taken to court. So heavy body Mayra, bailiffs must dismantle Mayra room to get her out of the room.

Because proven innocent, in 2011 Mayra Rosales finally free from jail. From the results of the autopsy performed on his nephew, a toddler named Eliseo died because of being persecuted. Persecutors and perpetrators are someone named Jamie who is none other than the sister Mayra.

Since these free Mayra dieting and surgery to shrink his body. Since the year 2011, Mayra had surgery 11 times. He had surgery to reduce fat in the body and is maintaining his diet. To be successful diet program, Mayra also consult a renowned doctor in Houston, Texas.

Since his brother Jamie was found guilty and have to account for his actions that imprisoned for 15 years, Mayra decided to struggle to lose weight and live a normal life like people in general to keep all of his nephew.
He said "I could not keep my nephew if my body is unhealthy and too big like this. I should be able to live a healthy and normal to be able to protect all of my nephew while their mother is in prison."
After a long struggle and quite heavy, Mayra finally lose weight almost 80% of its original weight. Mayra now has a slim body and ideal. He was deeply unhappy with her body now.

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