Tips to Create Natural Mask Of Salt For Free Facial Acne

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Who would not be annoyed if in his face grow acne. The existence of acne is not uncommon to make someone be a shame even to lose confidence. Already using a variety of beauty products and a lot of money, but what a result. Acne is still growing and the beauty of the face is reduced.
Natural Mask,Facial Acne
Well, for those of you who want to get rid of acne and have a naturally beautiful face, make yourself at home masks could be the right choice. Reporting from, here's how to make a mask of salt in order to clean face free of acne.

1. Material
To create a natural mask of salt, the materials need to be prepared include sea salt is approximately 100 grams, almond oil, grapes and oranges. Similarly Sipakan water.

2. How to Make Masks
Make a mask of salt easy enough. Add salt into a container. It would be very nice if you use a container in the form of a bowl. Blend with crushed salt until it turns into a very soft. Enter fine salt into a bottle. Add almond oil approximately one glass into the bottle where you store the salt. Stir until the salt has dissolved both. If it is, crushed grapes and citrus fruits. Strain the water both pieces and place in a salt solution together almond oil.

3. How to Use Masks
Not difficult to apply the salt in the face mask. As with other masks, you can simply put on a mask of salt into your skin evenly. Let stand about 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse your face with clean water when it is finished. For maximum results, use this mask every day.

In addition to helping the skin free from acne, this mask can also help keep your skin youthful face. Not only that, salt and almond oil will help eliminate dry skin so the skin moisture is maintained. Citrus fruit and grape itself is believed to make the face look more fresh, healthy and bright because of vitamins in fruit allegedly able to lift dead skin cells.

But remember Ladies, when there is irritation when using salt mask, be sure to stop this natural skin care. All you need to know, not all can receive facials face naturally. There are several types of skin prone to irritation.

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