5 Unique Rock Formations and Amazing

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Nature always offer priceless beauty. Mystery formation of natural beauty make scientists curious. So even with the audience of the beauty that is only able to feel overwhelmed. Here mystery natural rock formation that makes amazing formations in the world who quoted from

1. Golden Rock (Myanmar)
Golden Rock
Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, also known as the Golden Stone is a famous Buddhist pilgrimage site in Myanmar. A small pagoda (5.5 m or 18 ft) sits on top of the Golden Stone, granite stone covered with gold leaf inserted. The pagoda stands on the edge of the stone as opposed to gravity that would fall down the hill.

2. Delicate Arch (Utah, USA)
Delicate Arch
The arch-shaped stone is very famous in the world, located in Arches National Park, Utah, United States. The stone arch stands mysteriously and has become a symbol of the country.

3. Stone Tree (Bolivia)
Stone Tree
Stone Tree is located in the Bolivian Altiplano plateau. The stone sculptures formed by wind and sand that lasts for years. Stone tree became one of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

4. Mushroom Rock (Egypt)
Mushroom Rock
Mushroom Rock located in Egypt is one of the famous rock formation in the world. This formation is also called the Stone Pillar, which is one of the most striking manifestation of the process of erosion and weathering. Such formations are usually found in desert areas with erosion processes and protrusions thousands of years.

5. The Wave (Arizona, USA)
The Wave
Of the many rock formations due to natural erosion, sandstone formations which are also called the most spectacular waves. Sandstone is located in lerang Butters Coyote, Arizona, United States. To reach the location to make the climb about 4.8 kilometers or passing through undulating terrain as far as 9.7 kilometers or do the climb as high as 107 meters.

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