Snowberry, Cosmetics Anti Wrinkle from Natural Ingredients

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Beauty company from New Zealand is fairly small, but has recorded a new discovery. Snowberry from Auckland to show anti-wrinkle products at the World Congress of Dermatology, held in Vancouver last month of June 2014 as quoted from page, Wednesday (25/03/2015).

Products that dinamaan New Radiance Face Serum was already qualified pharmaceutical trials in Germany. Serum was 31.6 percent performance advantage over StriVectin, anti-wrinkle products of the most famous in the US.
New Radiance Face Serum was developed by the research program for 4 years and in collaboration with the School of Pharmacy, University of Auckland.

This serum contains Copper peptide, a substance naturally occurring protein that also has benefits wound healing and is often used in skin care products. Snowberry uses proprietary technology trademark air-Cu-PEP, which functions to increase the effectiveness of the peptide to absorb and help rejuvenate the skin.

General Manager of the company, Greg Billington comparing substances Retinoic acid peptide with substances that are often found in products like anti-wrinkle. According to him, the peptide substance is superior, because unlike Retinoic that cause skin sensitivity and working longer.

Snowberry established by Soraya Hendesi that his goal is to provide authentic kutit care products. This product is made from local plants Harakeke as a premium natural product of New Zealand. This serum has been exported and has been marketed at a price of 40 Australian dollars (equivalent to 408,000 dollars) each one packs of 30 ml.

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